QCdBase is a CD/DVD library program. It is a fork from cdfly project created by Massimiliano Torromeo. QCdBase is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL license version 3


10 March 2008

Source package of qcdbase-0.1. is now available for download. The code includes several small bug fixes, mostly finished Russian translation and installation instructions.

Goal of the project

The fork was created in attempt to make a nice-looking, simple, simplistic and fast CD/DVD library application, without not-really-useful features.

Comparsion with cdfly


  • Faster creation of cd-snapshots.
  • Application is now friendly to keyboard-only navigation.
  • Spanshot can be easily moved to another computer.

Critical changes

  • Thumbnail support removed.


    • You can't find thumbnail using regexp's or wildcards
    • Eats disk space
  • SQL support removed. CD/DVD snapshots are stored as a separate files in program snapshot folder (which is currently hard-coded to be in user's home folder). Snapshots are stored as a binary format based on QDataStream (strings are stored as UTF-8).


    • Creating binary snapshots is faster than adding records to a mysql3 database with QCdBase creating CD/DVD snapshot takes up to 10 seconds on my hardware. In comparsion, scanning CD's with cdfly can take up to several minutes, and scanning time will increase as database grows.
    • It is not possible to change created snapshot in any way (of course, renaming it is possible)- i.e. it isn't possible to rename or modify data about a certain file on cd snapshot. Since application was created as a CD-library and not a filesystem emulator, this feature was removed.
    • Snapshot's created with QCdBase take less space than cdfly databases, since binary format with UTF-8 strings is more compact than text-only format with UTF-16 strings (used in mysql3, which is used by cdfly).

Current status

Currently project is at alpha stage. This means that although program works, there are several sanity checks missing, no documentation and code is a bit messy. And program still uses unchanged "About" box from cdfly.


Right now project is available only via cvs. Source and binary packages will be available when the program will reach beta stage.

To downolad program from cvs, use following steps:

  • run following command

    cvs -d login

    from directory where you want the sources to be downloaded.

  • enter empty password at "password" prompt.
  • run

    cvs -d checkout qcdbase

    from within the same directory. This will download sources into "qcdbase" folder which will be created in the current dir.

If you run into trouble, consult CVS Manual or CVS Book


To compile QCdBase, you'll need Qt 4.3.0. (Regardless of the OS you are using). Qt can be obtained at Trolltech's ftp. Then run "qmake ./ && make" inside the project's folder. Note that this will only work if qmake is qt4 qmake.

Contact Author

Victor Eremin
Timezone : GMT+3


QCDBase project